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Gary Chiaccio Agency works to provide our brokers with superior service. We do not compete against our brokers nor do we solicit your clients for ancillary business. We provide our brokers with quick response to their group enrollments as well as retention issues of their groups.

At GCA, our goal is to get groups enrolled correctly as quickly as possible. We know how important it is to get the paperwork correct the first time. In fact, we have been rated #1 at Amerihealth for case submissions. When we process your case, we want it issued as soon as possible. It’s a simple task, but an important one. Your client wants a smooth transition. A smooth and efficient enrollment is great for the employer, Amerihealth, and the broker. One other thing—an efficient enrollment means you get paid quickly. Our commission checks are usually issued and mailed with 5 working days of our receipt of the money from the Amerihealth companies. We don ‘t hold your commissions.

The Gary Chiaccio Agency is a broker’s broker. If you are a broker, you want to place your business through a reliable agency that you can trust. The Gary Chiaccio Agency does not compete against you. We are here to help you process your clients’ group insurances. The Gary Chiaccio Agency does not solicit your clients. Your clients are the heart of your business. You need to feel comfortable with the agency that you work with.

Today, banks own insurance agencies and solicit the same products that you do. Your client information is secure with the Gary Chiaccio Agency. You can feel secure that your client’s information is kept confidential with us. We do not solicit sales to our brokers clients for any products. Your clients are your clients. If you are a broker looking for an agency, contact us at or call us at 856-764-5791 to discuss how we can help you.



Would you like more information? Contact us today at 856 764 5791 or by filling out this online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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